Contribute by opening a issue

Sparrow uses github as its central discussion platform, do not hesitate if you have:

  • A issue during installation
  • A issue while running sparrow
  • Any question regarding the project or its ecosystem

Contribute to the documentation

All of the sources for this website are available on github in the following repository:

You can simply contribute to the documentation by clicking on the link “ Edit this page” present at the bottom of all documentation pages. This redirects you to github to make a pull request.

If you need new hardware to install sparrow, you can buy them using the link on the hardware page. The author will make a small profit.

Contribute financially

You can have a multitude of reasons to contribute financially:

  • Thank the author for the time spent setting up the build script and the hosting infrastructure for the project
  • Contribute to the payment of the hosting of repositories
  • Finance new functionality
  • Have a privileged support

Do not hesitate to contact. You can make your donation via PayPal