Getting started

What is Sparrow ?

Sparrow is an unofficial build for armhf architecture of the awesome Wazo Platform. It allows you to host complete Open Source, and programable telephone system on a Raspberry Pi

Who is behind Sparrow

Currently sparrow is maintained and hosted by Benoît Stahl.

Why Sparrow / Wazo ?

  • It’s free and open source. Students, Geeks for home use and Small businesses will definitely appreciate this! Wazo-platform is free and open-source.
  • Simple editing. Wazo platform provides a web interface to configure telephone functionality.
  • Based on Debian.
  • An impressive number of telephony features.
    • Phone provisioning
    • Centralized directory
    • Graphical IVR
    • Call Permissions
    • Schedules

Running Sparrow is the same as running Wazo?

Using sparrow is exactly the same as using wazo. For now the only limitation is that the Opus codec is disabled.

What packages are distributed and where can I find the sources ?

Sparrow is based on exactly the same source code as Wazo available on Github.

However, some packages have been modified to be able to be compiled on arm processor or to allow the use of specific repositories. The list of modified packages is available here: