First release of potoo

The first public release of potoo is available under AGPL-3.0 License. Its Source code is hosted on github.

Potoo is software that communicates with VoIP ecosystem and particularly well with Wazo engines. It is coded in python, and allows from a http call to launch python script or ansible playbook.

The main objective of this project is to quickly (and perhaps badly) provide solutions to missing functionalities in a given ecosystem.


Currently potoo allows you to do 3 things:

  1. Originate a call to a specified number

For compatibility with a maximum of system using asterisk (FreePBX, XiVO, vanilla asterisk, … ), this function launches a channel originate via the cli asterisk.

In version 2 we will use the wazo APIs to make the call.

  1. Display the output of the queue show in the asterisk cli.

This simply allows supervisors to view the status of their queues.

Like the first functionality, it uses the asterisk cli and is therefore compatible with any asterisk-based system.

  1. Change the system information of a Wazo engine

Currently modify the system information of a wazo engine is a pain.

To enhance this I wanted to create a web page that allows you to do it.

The web page displays a form and updates your system via a playbook that contains information.



Security Disclaimer

The features provided by potoo focus on the result, however, they are not necessarily secure.

Use the software at your own risk.


New functionalities ideas are welcome, the contributions to the code are too.

Potoo is my first real project, don't hesitate to give feedback regarding code quality, or whatever.

Installation on a Wazo engine

As root on your wazo engine:

  1. apt install -y wazo-plugind-cli
  2. wazo-plugind-cli -c 'install git'